Aging takes a toll on all of us. We lose muscle, gain fat, get tired easier and put on glasses – only to see wrinkles in the mirror. Inside the body, defenses weaken and cellular repair declines.

We become more susceptible to cell-damaging free radicals, hormonal decline, dietary imbalances, genetics, and stress.

While there is no single element that can reverse aging, a healthy lifestyle along with key nutrients can help slow the ravages of aging.  These formulas were developed by MDR to help you enjoy youthful vitality, peak performance, strong immunity and healthy longevity.

You can look younger, feel younger and be younger!   

  • PomBerry Triple Defense PomBerry™ Triple Defense

    PomBerry™ Triple Defense

    After 3 years of research, MDR is proud to announce...PomBerry™ Triple Defense Now support optimum health of your: • Urinary Tract/Bladder• Kidneys• Prostate• Brain• Immune System• Heart• Skin•...
  • Pristinium Antarctic Krill Pristinium Antarctic Krill

    Pristinium Antarctic Krill

    Want to Live Longer? Increase Your Omega-3 Index! Many Americans Lack Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Don't take a Chance. Get Vital Omega-3's plus Choline in the New Pristinium Antarctic Krill Formula! Antarctic Krill are tiny...
  • VitalFactors - 3 Pack VitalFactors - 3 Pack

    VitalFactors - 3 Pack

    MSRP: $297.00
    BUY 2 GET  1 FREE! TAKE VITALFACTORS® TO MAKE YOU FEEL YOUNG AGAIN! Youthify Your Mind & Body––––––––Imagine waking up feeling better than you have in years, with lots of energy, good...
  • VitalFactors VitalFactors with Glass

    VitalFactors - 40 Effertabs

    NOW with FREE Shipping! TAKE VITALFACTORS® and FEEL YOUNG AGAIN! Youthify Your Mind & Body––––––––Imagine waking up feeling better than you have in years, with lots of energy, good health,...
  • OnGuard 30 OnGuard 60

    OnGuard Immune Defense

    Put Your Immune System OnGuard®! Today we are under attack! A strong immune system is crucial. But, how good is your immune system? Many things can weaken your immunity: If you don't eat right? Lack sufficient sleep? Don't have adequate...
  • Stress Defense Stress facts

    Stress Defense Tabs

    Are you under stress?There are many things that can stress your mind and body. Your diet, health status, and lifestyle can all be factors. You can be under stress if you smoke, diet, are on a diet, lack sleep, feel overworked, are involved in a...
  • Mito-C Mito-C facts


    LIFT YOUR ENERGY! PROTECT YOUR HEALTH!Mito-C Age-Defying Immune Booster for a Healthy Mind & Body Professor Emeritus Roc Ordman made world news with his Vitamin C discoveries years ago. Now, after extensive research with MDR, he brings us the NEXT...
  • Day-Cal 120 ct. Day-Cal 60 ct.


    Are You Losing Bone Density? Surveys reveal that only 44% of adult males and 23% of adult females meet the recommended intakes for Calcium, and may suffer the consequences over time, including leg cramps, dental problems and osteoporosis. The...
  • Bio H.A. 120 ct. Bio H.A. 60 ct

    Bio H.A. Firm & Flex

    Feel Better & Enjoy Joint Comfort in Just 7 Days! New Hyaluronic Acid formula combines Krill & Astaxanthin Just one capsule needed per day Move easier, support heart health, and youthful-looking skin We all want to live an active...
  • Longevity Antioxidant Duo

    Longevity Antioxidant Duo

    SAVE $9 when you buy Internal & External Antioxidant Protection! Antioxidants can help you feel better & look younger! The best of nature and science empowers you with over 25 powerful nutrients shown to positively impact cell health throughout...
  • Longevity Antioxidants Longevity Antioxidants

    Longevity Antioxidants

    OUT-OF-STOCK: A new and improved formulation of Longevity Antioxidants is in development. In the meantime, we recommend VitalFactors for peak anti-aging performance. The Natural Path to Good Health & Longevity. Now with Resveratrol & SOD!Living...
  • Longevity Antioxidant Skin Lotion, 4 Oz Longevity Antioxidant Skin Lotion Pump

    Longevity Antioxidant Skin Lotion, 4 Oz

    Longevity Antioxidants External Lotion Nourishes Your Skin for a Youthful Appearance. Clinical tests prove this super hydrating moisturizer increases hydration by 22% in 10 minutes! Longevity Antioxidant Lotion contains 25 Antioxidants that protect...

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