Are you deficient in vitamin C?

Many Americans don’t eat right. Surprisingly, lack of Vitamin C is the fourth most common deficiency in United States.

This is very problematic because vitamin C is extremely important to the body. You need C for a strong immune system, healthy collagen for youthful skin elasticity, proper skin barrier function, and antioxidant defenses against inflammation causing free radicals. These are just some of the ways that vitamin C is so important to your health. Everyone knows the sad story of the sailors who died hundreds of years ago from scurvy, caused by a lack of vitamin C. Although a small amount of vitamin C can help to prevent this dreadful deficiency higher levels are needed to optimize the benefits of vitamin C and for those who are under stress, or have inflammatory conditions in their body which can increase the body’s needs.

In addition the body does not store vitamin C for a long period of time. It must be replaced during the day.

MDR Fitness Tabs supply 250 mg. of vitamin C in its patented AM and PM doses to help replenish what is lost during the day. In addition MDR Stress Tabs provides a 300 mg. of additional vitamin C in two Tabs for those with greater needs due to a stress-filled lifestyle.

Oct 4th 2022 MDR

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