Zinc and High Blood Pressure

A recent clinical study suggest there is a link between Zinc deficiency and Hypertension (high blood pressure). Hypertension is a widespread health problem affecting over 100 million Americans.

Researchers have previously seen that individuals with type 2 diabetes and kidney disease, also had low levels of zinc and high blood pressure. Previous studies had also suggested those with lower zinc levels are more likely to be hypertensive.

Kidneys and blood pressure
Kidneys help moderate blood pressure by regulating sodium in the urine. Lower levels of sodium in the urine correspond with increased blood pressure.

According the the recent study, "Renal modulation of urinary sodium excretion is the cornerstone of blood pressure control."

A number of proteins can alter the amount of sodium that the body reabsorbs and excretes. Zinc is a cofactor, influencing a wide array of proteins, enzymes, and regulatory proteins

Zinc and hypertension
In this latest study, the scientists ran a series of experiments to investigate the relationship between zinc and hypertension.

They demonstrated that mice on a diet with low levels of zinc developed hypertension. They then fed half of the animals a diet that contained adequate levels of zinc. Their blood pressure soon returned to normal.

These results confirm findings from earlier work about the role of zinc in hypertension.

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Feb 1st 2019 MDR

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