Bones & Joints


Support Strong Bones and Flexible Joints! You'll Feel Great and Enjoy a Spring in your Step with these targeted MDR formulas. 

  • Pristinium Antarctic Krill Pristinium Antarctic Krill

    Pristinium Antarctic Krill

    Want to Live Longer? Increase Your Omega-3 Index! Many Americans Lack Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Don't take a Chance. Get Vital Omega-3's plus Choline in the New Pristinium Antarctic Krill Formula! Antarctic Krill are tiny...
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    Nite-Cal 90 Nite Cal Supplement Facts
    Sale 50%

    Nite-Cal Calcium

    ON SALE! 50% OFF! Why You Should Take Nite-Cal Strong Bones A Beautiful Smile Muscle Strength Healthy Nerves Daily Regularity Immune Support Cholesterol/Triglycerides Support A Better Nite's Sleep It Happens While You SleepDid you know if...
  • Mito-C Mito-C facts


    LIFT YOUR ENERGY! PROTECT YOUR HEALTH!Mito-C Age-Defying Immune Booster for a Healthy Mind & Body Professor Emeritus Roc Ordman made world news with his Vitamin C discoveries years ago. Now, after extensive research with MDR, he brings us the NEXT...
  • Healthy Joint Duo Chondro-Pro Healthy Joint Duo

    Chondro-Pro Healthy Joint Duo

    ChondroPro Healthy Joint Duo works "inside and out" to help you feel good again! Inside: The Chondro-Pro supplement nourishes cartilage cells with compounds essential for healthy joint function and lubrication! Outside: The...
  • Roll On Bottle Roll On Back

    Roll-On Relief

    Don’t Suffer with Discomfort on your *Back *Neck *Shoulders *Knees *Feet Enjoy MDR Roll-On Relief for Fast Soothing Comfort of Sore Joints & Muscles. Get Relief Fast! The Doctors at MDR developed Roll-On Relief for temporary...
  • ChondroPro_180 ChrondroPro_90


    Do you have stiff joints? Pain in your knees when you walk? Or do your hands ache when you type on your computer too long? What are you doing to care for your bone and joint health? Your bones are the structures which support your entire body. But in...
  • Day-Cal 60 ct. Day-Cal


    Are You Losing Bone Density? Surveys reveal that only 44% of adult males and 23% of adult females meet the recommended intakes for Calcium, and may suffer the consequences over time, including leg cramps, dental problems and osteoporosis. The...
  • Bio H.A. 120 ct. Bio H.A. 60 ct

    Bio H.A. Firm & Flex

    Feel Better & Enjoy Joint Comfort in Just 7 Days! New Hyaluronic Acid formula combines Krill & Astaxanthin Just one capsule needed per day Move easier, support heart health, and youthful-looking skin We all want to live an active...
  • Ultra Pure Resveratrol 60 Ultra Pure Resveratrol

    Ultra Pure Resveratrol

    A Youthful Mind and Body!Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage, which can lead to the premature aging of cells. Resveratrol is such a powerful protector of cells and mitochondria, MDR recommends taking Ultra Pure...
  • Delta E Facts - Delta E

    Delta E Tocotrienols

    What are Tocotrienols?Vitamin E is one of the most important phytonutrients in edible oils. It consists of eight naturally occuring isomers, a family of four tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma and delta) and four tocotrienols (alpha, beta, gamma and delta)...
  • Vitamin D Booster Vitamin D Booster plus Pills

    Vitamin D Booster, 60 Softgels

    Over 41% of Americans have a Vitamin D Deficiency! Mounting evidence suggests that vitamin D deficiency could be linked to several chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancer. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found...

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