Bones & Joints



Did you know your movements rely on over 200 joints? Cartilage acts like a cushion between bones preventing them from rubbing against each other and causing pain. As we age, bones can weaken and cartilage can deteriorate. But there is something you can do!

Stay active. Get enough Calcium. MDR Day Cal and/or Nite Cal can help you achieve the recommended intake of calcium to support strong bones and teeth. 

Nourish your joint cartilage cells from the inside with MDR Chondro-Pro for greater flexibility and comfort.

To fight oxidative aging and the inflammation that comes with it, take MDR Vital Factors. You’ll feel better & enjoy more youthful vitality. 

Lubricate and moisten your joints with Bio HA with Krill Oil, rich in omega 3 fatty acids and Hyaluronic Acid. You'll see wrinkles visibly soften and feel more comfort in your joints.

Enjoy a Spring in your Step and a Smile on your face with these MDR wellness formulas.