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Do you have stiff joints? Pain in your knees when you walk? Or do your hands ache when you type on your computer too long? What are you doing to care for your bone and joint health?

Your bones are the structures which support your entire body. But in order for your bones to move without grinding together you need something to lubricate the points where they meet. Your "joints" provide that lubricating protection. These joints are covered with connective tissue and cartilage to keep them stable. They are also lined with a membrane that secretes a synovial fluid that lubricates the joint as the bones move. This fluid provides nutrients to the cartilage cells (chondrocytes) since there are no blood vessels that travel to that area. In turn the chondrocytes produce the protective lubricating synovial fluid rich in glycosaminoglycans that make up all the connective tissues in your body. If the fluid deteriorates then the chondrocytes don't receive the proper nourishment it can eventually lead to painful inflammation and joint destruction.

Medical Doctors Research formulated Chondro-Pro, to supply an abundance of the building materials needed to nourish and maintain cartilage integrity.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate are two components that your body uses to make the connective tissue that supports healthy joint function. But there are seven important glycosaminoglycans involved in the synthesis and maintenance of connective tissues in your body. MDR provides you with high quality shark cartilage, a source of glycosaminoglycans that have already been metabolized into cartilage. In addition to this natural source of glycosaminoglycans, MDR added an additional 750 mg of glucosamine to enhance the effectiveness of the shark cartilage.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a vital gycosaminoglycan that helps create the synovial fluid that adds cushion and resiliency to your joints. HA not only helps lubricate your joints, it also helps your skin's support layer retain moisture and plumps fine lines, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles on the face. HA is one reason a baby's skin looks so plump, moist and smooth. You may find your skin looks younger after you take Chondro-Pro.

In addition to glycosaminoglycans, Chondro-Pro provides other nutrients targeted for chondrocyte protection: green tea extract, grape seed extract, and curcumin. These are important antioxidants that help protect your cartilage from free radical damage that can cause inflammation, swelling and pain.

SUPEROXIDE DISMUTASE (SOD) - is another powerful antioxidant that protects your joints from inflammation. When given to race horses, they feel better and recover faster. SOD is a natural enzyme derived from a long lived melon that stays fresh longer and resists normal decay. SOD is one of your body's most important defenses against "oxidative aging", the same process that turns iron to rust. After taking Chondro-Pro, you may quickly find that you feel better, move easier, and have more energy.

FRUITX-B - otherwise known as calcium fructoborate, is a highly bioavailable form of the trace mineral Boron naturally found in fruits and vegetables. The problem is today, agriculture grown in depleted soils may be deficient in Boron and other key minerals. Boron helps calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D to maintain strong bones. Best of all, it has been shown in clinical studies to reduce inflammation and knee discomfort.

Boron also helps support important hormones in the body, like testosterone, and DHEA which promote healthy metabolism. In another important study for those with cardiac issues, FruitX-B was shown to decrease key inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein, so not only does it help your joints, it also helps your heart.

MDR Chondro-Pro Healthy Joint Formula also contains manganese to supplement your dietary intake with minerals that are essential for bone health and to support natural SOD enzyme levels in your body.


The Chondro-Pro formula provides a comprehensive nutrient blend for immediate and long term benefits. We recommend that you take 3 MDR Chondro-Pro capsules a day, preferably one with each meal. Within a few days you should notice that you feel better and move easier with greater flexibility and less pain.

In addition, for fast temporary relief of minor aches and pains, backaches and muscle sprains, use the MDR topical formula: Roll-On Relief.

Together they work inside and out for joint comfort, reduction of pain and greater flexibility.

Product Reviews

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    I live by this supplment

    My mom used to work for this company and back in 2005 I got in a fight and messed up my left knee. For almost a year I limped. This product was always in my mom house but I never used it. One day my mom said "I told you to get the chondro pro it's in the cabinet". I took the medicine out of the cabinet and took the chondro-pro home. Within about a month I was walking regular, granted I was 25 at the time and I probably needed the control pro to heal fast but it still had me walking after almost a year of limping. Fast forward to 2021 38 years old I fell and had quadricep surgery, the chondro-pro is really helping me to heal properly. I really appreciate this company and I tell everyone in the ortho office to go to the website and buy before getting knee surgery. Much love to the MDR doctors thank you for taking the time to understand human anatomy and make us good supplements to keep us strong.

  • 5


    Best joint formula ever tried. Unable to walk without it. Just a few pills makes cartilage grow again.

  • 5



  • 5

    SO Great !!

    I take 3 pills a day, and feel just great !!! Simply wonderful !!!

  • 5

    More active

    My joints feel so much better. Thank you MDR

  • 5

    I felt the difference within a few days

    The pain was so bad that sometimes it would wake me up at night. After using these capsules and especially the roll-on, the pain is gone and Im back to normal. Thanks.

  • 5

    Better than what my doctor ordered!

    I took the bottle to my last appointment & my doctor was really impressed. She told me that I should take these on a regular schedule for the greatest benefit. Im following her advise & those little aches & pains are so much better!

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