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Day-Cal 60 ct.
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Day-Cal 60 ct.
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Are You Losing Bone Density?

Surveys reveal that only 44% of adult males and 23% of adult females meet the recommended intakes for Calcium, and may suffer the consequences over time, including leg cramps, dental problems and osteoporosis. The government recommends a daily intake of 1000-1500 mg a day of Calcium. Even if you are getting the right amount, it may not be enough. Here's why:
You Need More Than Calcium for Strong Bones & Good Health
Most Americans don't get enough Vitamin K2, found in foods like liver, egg yolk, curd cheese, fermented miso, and sauerkraut. Vitamin K-2 is also found in natto, a favorite in the Japanese diet, and thought to be the reason why they have less bone fractures.
Why You Must Get Vitamin K-2
Scientists have found that Vitamin K2 is essential to make Gla-proteins that shuttle calcium to the bones and teeth. Without it, calcium may be misguided and calcify plaque in your heart valves and blood vessels, especially as you age.
You can't afford to be deficient in K-2, but many bone building formulas still don't contain it! Day-Cal provides the finest and most active form of Vitamin K2, derived from Algae. Just the smallest amount of this trace nutrient can help to keep your bones strong and your cardiovascular system healthy! 
To Build Strong Bones You Need to Take Other Nutrients, Too!
Minerals like Magnesium, Phosphorous, Vitamin D3, Boron, Zinc, Copper & Manganese are also required to make healthy bones.
You get them all in Day-Cal, plus their many healthy benefits:

  • Strong bones, teeth and nails
  • Natural energy
  • Healthy brain and nerve function
  • Cardiovascular wellness
The Surprising Link: Brains & Bones
Surprising new research shows bones communicate via messenger hormones throughout the body. These messengers are vital for brain function and memory!
If you want to think at your best, be sharp, and focused, your bone health really matters. Even your ability to regulate blood sugar, muscle movement and cardiovascular health are linked to bone health.  
Lack Energy? You May Lack This Bone Building Mineral
Day-Cal supplies Magnesium, which is essential to bone health and over 300 enzymes in your body that help support:

  • Energy production
  • Neurological function
  • Heart health
  • Glucose metabolism
  • Synthesis of protein and nucleic acids for cellular repair 
Now More than Ever You Need Vitamin D
Unless you enjoy activities outdoors exposing your skin to sunlight, you may not get the vitamin D levels you need for optimum health. Just 2 capsules of MDR Day-Cal supplies 1000 IU of the most active form of Vitamin D-3 to support promote bone mineralization. Plus, D-3 is vital for the brain, heart, colon, muscles, and immune defenses that keep you healthy.
Most Calcium Formulas Leave You Short
Bones constantly remodel themselves. Osteoblasts make new bone; while, osteoclasts, destroy old bone. Day-Cal supplies Calcium, Magnesium, and needed co-factors like Zinc, Boron, Copper, and Manganese, vitally important, yet missing in many calcium formulas on the market.
The Mighty Mineral You Need for Strong Bones,
Energy and a Healthy Nervous System
You need Phosphorus for strong bones and teeth, for your muscles to contract and to make RNA and DNA in your cells. If you don't have enough Phosphorus, you can feel fatigued and suffer from stiff joints, irritability, and kidney dysfunction. Next to Calcium, Phosphorus is the most abundant mineral in the body. But again, you won't find it in most bone building formulas.
New Discovery: Harvard Anti-Aging Molecule  
Resveratrol was discovered by Harvard researchers and dubbed the "longevity molecule". Found in red wine, it is a powerful Antioxidant, linked to cardiovascular health. When the Scientists fed mice Resveratrol, they ran like athletes on the treadmill, had more energy and lived longer.
Now Scientists have found that Resvertrol also helps enhance bone mineralization. This is a super-health molecule that also supports healthy brain function and metabolism.
Resveratrol in not found in most supplements, and when it is used, many companies use the less expensive, inferior form. MDR uses only the finest, purest source: resVida® Resveratrol.

A Winning Combination: Strong Bones & a Strong Immune System
Fucoidanthis powerful natural ingredient from seaweed activates bone-building osteoblasts in human stem cells (MSCs). It is also vital for the formation of new blood vessels that help enhance ongoing bone repair.
Fucoidan is highly prized and the subject of much research for its immune enhancing properties. That's why MDR included this very expensive ingredient in DayCal. Strong bones and a strong immune system is a winning-combination for optimum health!
Youthful Skin & Healthy Joints
MSM is a sulfur compound that promotes cross linking of matrix proteins needed for osteogenesis and bone mineralization. It also helps support healthy joint function and firm, youthful skin. It is one more benefit of Day-Cal that makes it so effective. 
For Strong Nails
Biotin & Silica are required in very small amounts but they can have BIG benefits you can see, especially if you want to grow healthy lustrous hair and strong healthy nails!
For A Beautiful Smile!
Day-Cal nourishes your teeth and facial bones with calcium and trace minerals you need each day. Dental problems can occur if you are deficient in vital minerals as you age.
Bone loss occurs gradually over the years. Don’t take a chance. Nourish your bones, teeth, immune system and overall health with MDR Day-Cal!   
Made in the USA
Day-Cal is made to the highest quality standards with the best ingredients. Simply put, you won't find another Calcium formula on the market with this advanced blend of powerful health-promoting, bone-building nutrients.
What is in the Day-Cal formula is as important as what is not. There are no dyes, yeast, gluten, preservatives, or animal ingredients. MDR strives to bring you the best for your health always!
Live Strong. Move Well. Feel Young. Stay Healthy with MDR Day-Cal!
 Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed by MDR. Leaders in Nutrition Science for Over 30 Years!

Product Reviews

  • 5

    Very good product

    I took the original DayCal and liked it and read that we need K2 to keep calcium from getting in our arteries so I am really happy to get your new advanced formula with the K2 and other anti-aging new ingredients

  • 5

    Helps my bones and hair

    My Doctor recommended this formula so I take 2 capsules a day and really like it. I notice my hair grows faster and my nails are stronger, so I am sure it is helping my bones too. It is also gentle on my system. Great formula. I got it for my friend. They like it too.

  • 5

    Want to keep my bones strong

    I started getting some back pain and Doctor said to take Calcium so I ordered this product and have been taking it for a while and like it. I will reorder.

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