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New Formula with Antarctic Krill Omega-3s for Greater Health Benefits!

Pristinium supplies Omega 3 fatty acids from the purest Krill to support healthy cardiovascular function, immune function, brain function, and joint health. These omega-3s help counteract the excessive pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids typically found in the American diet and support joint, brain, and cardiovascular health.   Krill contains Phospholipids that help omega-3s integrate into the blood cell membranes for improved absorption of omega-3s into the body. Krill oil is also a great source of choline as it contains a total of 40% phosphatidylcholine.


Omega 3's exert such powerful health benefits that even the FDA allows this claim be made: "Supportive, but not conclusive, research shows that the consumption of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease." Pristinium is concentrated to provide more Omega-3s than ordinary fish oils.

Two Pristinium softgels provide 220 mg. of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. You get 120 mg of EPA and 54 mg of DHA derived from Antarctic Krill naturally complexed with 400 mg. of phospholipids with choline for superior absorption and benefits.

Choline "The Missing Nutrient" in Krill with Many Health Benefits 

Only a small amount of choline can be made in our bodies, so we need to get it from our diet or supplements.The National Health and Nutrition survey in 2003-2004 found that 90% of the American population is deficient!  Here are some of the reasons why you can't afford to be missing Choline:

Brain: Choline is a critical component of the building blocks of the nervous system, including neurotransmitters that are the basis for brain messaging and brain development. Not getting the recommended daily amount of choline in your diet may play a role in decreased cognition and memory with age.

Liver: Choline helps remove fat from your liver. This prevents non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). According to the Mayo Clinic, fatty acid liver disease affects 80 million to 100 million Americans. 

Heart: Choline helps keep your heart and blood vessels healthy, and is vital for supporting blood pressure in the normal range. It is  instrumental in supporting the nerve impulse systems that promote a strong heart muscle and regular heartbeat. It also plays a role in regulating homocysteine levels in the heart which is beneficial.

Pregnancy:  Maternal Choline intake has been shown to improve offspring cognition, neurodevelopment and placental functioning, as well as protecting against neural and metabolic insults. 

Astaxanthin - Newly discovered Antioxidants from Algae Extract

Astaxanthin is naturally found in Krill Oil. It is a powerful Antioxidant that increases your cell defenses against free radicals that can damage cells, cause inflammation and contribute to "oxidative aging". This red carotenoid helps support healthy joints, brain function, vision, DNA, cardiovascular, immune, skin health and mitochondrial function. It also helps support healthy blood glucose levels already in the normal ranges and enhances the body's natural anti-inflammatory responses promoting good health.

NASA Scientists Discover this Nutrient May Reduce Bone & Muscle Loss! 
Research for decades has looked for ways to stop bone density loss in astronauts. The findings could have implications for space travelers and those prone to bone loss on Earth.
NASA-sponsored studies have found that omega-3 fatty acids found in Krill oil may play a role in mitigating bone breakdown that occurs during spaceflight and in osteoporosis. Researchers found that astronauts who ate more omega-3's lost less bone mineral after four-to-six-month spaceflights.

Astronauts & Sedentary Americans are at Risk!
A ground-based bed rest study for 60 days was conducted on 16 subjects. Bed rest simulates some of the effects of weightlessness, including muscle and bone loss. During the study, higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids was associated with less bone loss.1
Fact: 54 million Americans, half of all adults age 50 and older, are at risk of breaking a bone and should be concerned about bone health.2
Now multiple research studies have shown that concentrated fish oils may protect against bone loss during aging by suppressing osteoclastic bone resorption mediated by inflammatory cytokines.3
If you want to have strong bones and maximize your wellness MDR recommends Pristinium Antarctic Krill and MDR Day-Cal to supply calcium, magnesium and other bone builders.pristinium-daycal.jpg


Move Better with Flexible Joints

Omega 3's and antioxidants in Pristinium can help support healthy joint function. Just like a well-oiled machine, your joints benefit from Astaxanthin and Omega 3's.  Krill supplementation provides benefits for exercise, sports nutrition and recovery.

Pristinium supplies a powerhouse of natural benefits from Omega 3 Fatty Acids, EPA/DHA, Choline and Phospholipids. Just 1-2 small Pristinium capsules a day can help you move easier, feel better and stay healthier.



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    Feeling Confident

    Posted by John, NY on Sep 24th 2021

    My whole Family takes the MDR Pristinium and we are confident of the health benefits for heart, joints, brain, and skin; we wouldn't be without the MDR supplement line!

  • 5

    Posted by Jan Wilson on Sep 24th 2021

    Based on my Wife's request, I tossed out all of my other vitamins I was taking for years, because she did the research and found out that all of MDR's supplements are made to work for the optimum absorption with the highest source of ingredients, no fillers, dyes, color, gluten. Pristinium is now a great part of my MDR program! I love to play softball and basketball and I am 63, so my bones and joint health are very important to me, as well as my heart, as I always had slightly elevated cholesterol. I am a Realtor for 39 years, so my brain has to be sharp! Overall I feel so much healthier with Pristinium and I feel confident that is truly working for me on so many different levels! We suggest all MDR Supplements to everyone we know and the best way to get started is to call the Specialists there at MDR, so that they can assess exactly what your body needs, based on all of your health and environmental conditions! All I can say is try it! You will not be sorry, you will be healthier! I know their number is 800 637-8227

  • 5

    Posted by Gloria, FL on Sep 24th 2021

    I know Pristinium fish oil which has the highest grade ingredients is good for my heart, my brain and my joints. It keeps my skin looking great as well.