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Are you under stress?
There are many factors that can stress your mind and body. For example, if you are caring for an ill family member, if you smoke, diet, can't pay your bills, lack sleep, feel overworked or are involved in a difficult relationship. Short-term stress can come from simple, everyday activities like rushing to work, to the severe chronic stress that comes from going to war. Many symptoms can occur in response to stress: worrying; anger, inability to concentrate, mood swings, weight gain, insomnia, hopelessness and even illness.

What Can You do to Handle Stress?
To copy with stress, experts recommend a you engage in regular exercise, do meditation, use relaxation techniques, get plenty of rest, and see your health care provider for recommendations. In addition, avoid excess caffeine, alcohol, and eat a balanced diet with plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables to stay healthy and strong.

Why are Antioxidants Important?
Antioxidant vitamins stall the chain reaction of damage set forth by free radicals. In short, they neutralize free radicals and the damage they cause. Antioxidants are plentiful in fruits and vegetables. The problem is, much of the food we eat is processed and deficient in optimal nutrient levels. In addition, busy lifestyles often prevent us from eating nourishing meals. To make matters even worse, by the end of the day, our bodies are depleted of many vital nutrients.

MDR Stress Tabs are Here to Help.
The Doctors at Medical Doctors Research developed a patented formula called Stress Defense Performance Tabs, rich in antioxidants and stress specific nutrients to help you stay healthy and feel like a million!

Replaces Vital Nutrients Needed for Your Mind and Body
The MDR Stress Defense Formula is scientifically designed to provide nutrients such as:

  • • B Vitamins for natural energy production; and to help support your nervous system and immune function.
  • • Vitamin C for protection against free radicals and to help replace levels depleted by stress.
  • • Magnesium needed to help convert food to energy and for hundreds of metabolic reactions that keep you healthy.
  • • Natural Beta-Carotene with Alpha Carotene to help boost your body's cellular defenses against free radicals.
  • • Selenium to support immunity and antioxidant defenses.
  • • Zinc to help support the immune system.


MDR Stress Defense Performance Tabs provide the right amounts of the right nutrients. Best of all, MDR Stress Defense Tabs are free of dyes, fillers, megadoses, caffeine, herbal stimulants, and unproven ingredients. Feel like a million and strengthen your body's ability to handle stress by taking the patented MDR Stress Defense Tabs formula each day.

NOTE: Take one tablet each day with your first meal, and if you have a very stressful lifestyle and want an added boost of vitality, take a second tablet after lunch. Avoid taking this formula within a few hours of bedtime.

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  • 5
    Calm and energized

    Posted by Gloria, FL on Oct 13th 2016

    Stress tabs give me energy to perform well, yet calm my nervous system. I take 2 a day with my Fitness Tabs.

  • 5
    Stress Tabs for Vitality and Zest

    Posted by Debra, AL on Jun 19th 2015

    MDR supplements are higher quality than store bought supplements and I see the difference in my health and my life. I have the energy, vitality and mental acuity to show for it.

  • 5
    The BEST!

    Posted by PAT MCKENZIE, CA on Feb 24th 2015

    MDR vitamens are the BEST vitamens i have EVER taken! I was seriously addicted to caffeine, since taking these vitamens i no longer drink or even crave coffee or caffeine, but the amazing thing is, i feel like i drank coffee!!! INCREDIBLE and everyone that i have shared these vitamens with has had the same effect on them too. Whats 20.00? its a trip or two to a fast food joint. Try it and you will be glad you did!!!!

  • 5
    Stress Tabs

    Posted by Tim Trebing on Feb 10th 2014

    I have been taking these for at least 10 years now. I am now 52. They really do work well! I notice a significant difference in stress when I forget to take one for the day. A great product! I recommend it for stress and overall health.