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We all want to do what we can to protect and support our immune systems.

But just taking our vitamins and drinking lots of orange juice may not be enough -- especially during cold and flu season.

Vital Factors is designed to buffer your body against many pollutants and toxins…

But our immune system is one of the FIRST things to be compromised as we get older.

It takes us longer to get over a cold, flu, or injury.

But there’s some good news...

One Japanese researcher has unlocked the key to immune support at any age, thanks to a unique mushroom that grows on the islands!

You may never have heard of Dr. Nanba, but his discovery of a Maitake mushroom with extraordinary immune-boosting benefits changes everything!

This small mushroom is a powerhouse of immune-supporting extracts.

Dr. Nanba was able to improve upon these extracts and patent his formula, which he called MaitakeGold 404.

Now, MaitakeGold 404 by itself is a hard-working little extract.

But he found that combining it with Shiitake extract made it work even better.

Together, these two mushroom extracts worked together to trigger immune cell activity and surround harmful pathogens, rendering them harmless and flushing them out of the body.

So we’ve taken Dr. Nanba’s research and combined his proprietary formula together with our own antibody-rich, scientifically-backed¹ ingredients to provide a true all-in-one immune support supplement!

Our formulation is made with:


The first milk that cows produce in order to transfer protective antibodies to their calves. It’s so powerful that colostrum has been cited in several peer-reviewed medical journals for its effectiveness in supporting the body’s natural immune response2;

Melon Extract

Lo Han Kuo, a traditional Chinese fruit from the melon family, has been consumed for centuries -- a testament to its safety and efficacy³. It is believed that those who eat this fruit often live to be 100!

Together with the MaitakeGold 404 mushroom complex, these ingredients can help bolster immunity and support immune cells as they work hard to protect you from harmful pathogens.

We’ve combined all of these ingredients together to create OnGuard Immune Defense - A Superior Blend of Quality Ingredients to Support Your Body’s Natural Immunity.

Because you ordered Vital Factors, we want to give you the opportunity to support your immune system even further with proven and patented ingredients backed by science.


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