The Chinese culture has used natural remedies for thousands of years. Now one plant is getting attention for its immune strengthening properties and sweet delicious taste. Chinese tradition has taught through generations that Mormordica Fruit known as Luo Han Guo has remarkable health properties.

Since the 13th century Chinese monks have recommended Luo Han Guo if someone got a sore throat or cough. In Chinese families, if someone was not feeling well, they would boil the Luo Han Guo plant and drink its tea. Chinese medicine texts say it supports the health of the lungs, respiratory tract, throat, and intestines and is considered a longevity aid.

Chinese residents who live in certain areas where Luo Han Guo is cultivated are said to often live to over 100 years of age because they eat the fruit. The juice of the fruit is 300 times as sweet as sugar by weight and is being marketed as a non-caloric sugar substitute for diabetics in addition to a health food.

MDR has now included the delicious sweet natural fruit extract of Luo Han Guo in the anti-aging Vital Factors Formula. Combined with SOD, Resveratrol, Amino Peptides and more, the Vital Factors formula supports youthful immunity, vitality and healthy longevity.

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