Scientists are beginning to fast forward research that may unlock how to reverse the aging process. In labs around the world top researchers are following clues that may lead to an understanding of how to halt and “yes” even rewind some of the deterioration we call aging.

Leading expert Aubrey DeGrey, founder of SENS Foundation, believes that we are on the brink of finding ways to help people live to a very old age, while staying very young. He has been quoted saying it may be possible that someone born today may live to be 1000. It’s just a matter of finding the right compounds, regenerative protocols, or gene therapy to keep our bodies young.

The goal of the SENS approach to regenerative medicine is to remove, repair, replace, or render harmless cellular and molecular damage that occurs in our tissues over time. The Foundation has worthy projects that await funding.

Peter Thiel, PayPal co-founder, has joined other Silicon Valley tech magnates behind Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple investing in projects to tackle aging, but funding for scientists is always a challenge.

There are many paths being studied in anti-aging research. Gene therapy holds promise and is moving forward under the direction of Harvard researcher Dr. George Church, who believes he will find a way to reverse aging within ten years.

Removing senescent cells that accumulate using the drug Rapamycin has already shown benefit in aged dogs. It’s too early to know if the same approach will benefit humans but already some brave pioneers are trying the experiment on themselves. Others are testing anti-aging compounds like GDF-11, and NAD infusions and seeing some benefits.

Stanford neuroscientist Tony-Wyss Coray led a study that found infusing blood from young mice reversed cognitive impairments found in older mice. Even more astounding, elderly mice who received human umbilical cord blood showed improved memory.

Wyss-Coray said, “If we find a human plasma fraction that’s beneficial, you could potentially use this in a few years whereas a typical drug development plan is five to 10 years.”

The FDA has just approved a study in Florida to evaluate the benefits of stem cell mobilized blood plasma infused from young people into older people. Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj, MD is leading the new study. To access how well his protocol reverses parameters linked to aging, his team will monitor improvements in older subject’s immune function and the frailty index over the course of treatment.

With exciting anti-aging research advancing each day, for now, stay healthy and stay tuned.


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