Now is the time to make new goals to get healthier and back in shape. New research shows your dietary intake is even more important than exercise when it comes to losing weight. The reason is that your basic metabolism, including digestion and thinking, burns 70-90 percent of your calories. That means daily activity (including exercise) burns only 10 to 30%.

Granted, the more muscles you build, the higher your metabolism and more calories you will burn, but the obesity researchers reported that it would take 60 minutes of exercise for 30 days to burn off just 5 pounds if your caloric intake does not change. But if exercise makes you hungry, and you add more food, even a banana at 105 calories, it may wipe out that one mile walk.

Your goal is to watch your caloric intake. Make every food you eat count. Eat nutrient dense foods that are super nutritious but low in calories. Lean protein and greens and other colorful vegetables are packed with phytonutrients, without excess calories.

You can also add foods that boost your basic metabolism. Green tea is helpful and so is green coffee bean, which contains chlorogenic acid.

Green coffee bean is one of the world’s most popular weight loss supplements after studies showed it reduces carb uptake and improved the function of the natural fat burning hormone, adiponectin.

In one 12 week study of 30 overweight people, the group taking green coffee bean lost 11.7pounds, versus 3.7 pounds in those taking instant coffee. Body fat was also reduced 3.7% vs. 0.7% in the coffee group.

Drinking regular roasted coffee beans won’t give you the chlorogenic acid active ingredient you get in the raw green beans. MDR offers a high quality Green Coffee Bean extract, in an easy to take supplement. It’s the perfect addition to a reduced calorie diet to help you get in shape.


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