Many people are in a rush today and often skip breakfast or don’t eat a proper high-protein nourishing meal. Researchers recently found that those who consume less than 5% of their caloric intake for breakfast have double the risk of subclinical artherosclerosis compared to people who have a high energy breakfast.

Some people on diets think skipping breakfast may help in weight loss, but the opposite is true. Those who skipped breakfast tended to have a higher waist circumference and body mass index with higher fasting blood sugar and lipid levels. Researchers speculate that skipping breakfast alters hormonal balances and natural circadian rhythms.

Think about the word…breakfast. Your first meal of the day really is “breaking the fast” from all night. That’s why it’s important you have a very nutritious meal rich in protein from eggs or egg whites, yogurt, nuts/seeds, oatmeal or salmon or tuna salad on whole wheat bread. You should have some fresh fruits and berries too each day to increase your antioxidant levels. Your body also requires some fat, so use heart healthy butter, eat nuts, or cook with olive, grape seed or coconut oil.

As nutritional insurance, you should take a quality multi-vitamin like MDR AM Fitness Tabs so you get the key nutrients you need to convert food into energy and to function at your peak mental and physical performance during the day.

Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Volume 70, issue 15, October 2017

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