Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a biomedical gerontologist and pioneer in anti-aging research. He is the Chief Science Officer for the SENS Research Foundation. After decades speaking on the feasibility of extending human life span, the concept of age reversal is going mainstream.

Young entrepreneurs who have made fast fortunes with internet empires and crypto-currencies have realized money is not everything. Living a healthy long life is now their first priority. That is good news for researchers like Aubrey de Grey, who just got a 5 million dollar infusion to help support his age research foundation (www.sens.org).

The aging process is extremely complicated, but de Grey explains that we don’t need to understand it as much as we need to reduce and repair damage before it accumulates and we become frail and debilitated by aging.

His company has funded biologists and spun out incubator companies that are making great progress with novel ways to repair age-related damage.

We all know that a healthy diet and lifestyle can extend our life, but Aubrey de Grey is frequently asked what is the one thing Centenarians have in common? Although there are many differences in these individuals, they do all seem to have the ability to cope with stress easier and roll with the punches of life.

Knowing the damaging effects of stress, it makes sense to keep a calm, positive attitude and learn to bend with the wind. It may just help us to live longer.


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