Now more than ever, many people are under stress. For some, the stress can be so severe and chronic, it may lead to high blood pressure, depression, heart disease or strokes. You may notice subtle changes at first like irritability, headaches, nail biting or fidgeting, forgetfulness, sadness, sweating, muscle pains, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, sleeping difficulties, or just an upset stomach. You may not even link the stress in your life to the symptoms you feel, but stress can cause real physiological changes in your body and trigger the release of chemicals like cortisol, adrenaline, and noradrenaline.

When we are faced with a challenge, the body goes on alert, prepping us to stay and fight or to get away as fast as possible. Stress depresses the digestive and immune system, to shift energy to alertness, muscle use, pulse rate, and rapid breathing. We adjust and cope to the stressors we face, but sometimes it is difficult, especially if our life has too many demands, we face personal or family health problems, financial difficulties, or must make a major lifestyle change.

Try some positive stress management to stay healthy. Do something for yourself each day, even if it is a few minutes to recharge. Go for a walk outside. Exercise. Stop and breathe slowly for a minute. Meditate. Appreciate the good in your life. You are not alone. Talk to friends who uplift and comfort you. Realize others have similar problems.

Make sure you get optimum nutrition. Eat a balanced diet, with fresh fruits and vegetables and high quality lean protein. Avoid excess sugar or alcohol. Take the patented MDR Stress Defense Tabs formula to supply nutrients that can help you feel better. The formula helps to support a healthy nervous system and strong immune system, replacing nutrients stress depletes. Plus, it provides Vitamin C, the B Complex and Magnesium essential to convert food to energy for the stamina you need to handle a stress-filled lifestyle.


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