As millions take to the sky this holiday season, travelers will be exposed to lots of germs in the closed space of the airplane. If you plan to fly, now is the time to arm yourself with a personal strategy to stay healthy.

First, be sure to plan ahead so you avoid the stress of last minute rushing. Always carry with you on the plane a small bag with chewable baby aspirin, hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, gum, and any medicines you may need, including an EpiPen if you have serious allergies.

Make sure to pack at least a 5 day supply of your vitamins plus you and your family’s medicines, and keep it WITH YOU on the flight, just in case your checked bags are lost. It does happen!

When you first board, take an antibacterial wipe (or hand sanitizer and tissue) and wipe down the seatbelt, tray table, and arms. Airlines just don’t have time to clean down the seats between each flight so remember the person before you may have had the flu and was handling all the items you will touch, so clean them off the best you can.

While flying, stay hydrated by drinking liquids, but avoid excess alcohol. If possible have green tea or water.

To reduce the risk of blood clots, move your legs frequently. Stand up and walk around periodically when appropriate.

Before your trip, take extra extra care of your health. Get plenty of rest, eat well, take your MDR AM PM Fitness Tabs multivitamins and MDR OnGuard morning and night to keep your immune system strong.

When you land, immediately go to the restroom, wash your hands and rinse your nose with a saline spray to flush away bacteria. You will feel fresher and breathe easier immediately.

Remember after you handle the public baggage carts, or shake hands, use your hand sanitizer. Enjoy a happy healthy trip!

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