Two-time Academy Award-nominated Singer/Songwriter, Carol Connors, is singing a happy tune thanks to MDR Chondro-Pro. Patricia Riley, Founder of MDR, introduced her to this nutritional formula after she broke her ankle and was suffering from pain. “Don’t expect to ever wear high heels again,” her Doctor said. That’s when Patricia met Carol at a Hollywood charity event, with her foot in a cast. Pat sent her Chondro-Pro from MDR and she started taking 3 capsules each day. Then it was time for her next Doctor’s appointment. Carol was healing so fast that he asked her if she was bionic. He even skipped the last X-ray. To his amazement, Carol was back in high heels and waterskiing just a few months later! Pat and Carol became good friends and decades later CC, as her friends call her, still hikes in the mountains, scuba dives in the ocean, and is seen dressed to the nines in her 5-inch heels at Hollywood events. CC raves about how good she feels and still takes 3 capsules of Chondro-Pro each day to nourish her joints so she can maintain an active life! It also keeps her skin youthful looking! After co-writing “Gonna Fly Now”, the theme from “Rocky”, CC believes we can all triumph over adversity! Why settle for ankle pain when we have a winning solution… Chondro-Pro!

Chondro-Pro promotes joint comfort and health.

Chondro-Pro supplies HA (Hyaluronic Acid) and Glucosamine, plus Boron, Grape Seed, Green Tea, and more to help keep joints healthy.

Nourishing bones and joints is important, especially as you age. The lubricant between joints, called Synovial Fluid keeps your joints moving with ease. The ChondroPro formula is rich in glycosaminoglycans found in connective tissue and helps lubricate joints as bones move. Without enough of this fluid, we can experience pain as bones rub together and joints move. This fluid provides nutrients to the cartilage cells (chondrocytes) since there are no blood vessels that travel to that area. If the fluid deteriorates, then the chondrocytes don’t receive the proper nourishment and this can eventually lead to painful inflammation and joint destruction. ChondroPro helps nourish the joints with important cartilage building blocks and that provides comfort, cushion, and easy mobility. You may also find your skin looks younger as HA helps hydrate and plump the skin from within!

If you have discomfort in your back, knees, or joints, try Chondro-Pro and see if you don’t feel better and move with greater flexibility!

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