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Why suffer with backaches, knee pain and stiff joints! Try Chondro-Pro Healthy Joint formulated by Medical Doctors Research® for immediate and long term benefits. Protect and nourish your cartilage with Glucosamine, Hyaluronic acid, Antioxidants, FruitXB® Boron and other key trace elements. Feel the Difference!

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• Do Your Joints Feel Stiff or Sore? Do you Suffer with Back Pain?
• Do your Knees Protest as You Walk?

Are your joints sending you warning signals? Do your knees creak with each step, or do your hands ache when you type away at your keyboard?

The unsung heroes of your body are your bones and joints. For decades they keep you moving easily, but over the years the “wear and tear” from daily activities and changes that come with aging, can cause deterioration, pain and inflammation.

The Marvel of Joints

Imagine your bones as the scaffolding which supports your entire body. But in order for your bones to move without grinding together like rusty gears, you need joints, incredible structures cushioned with cartilage cells called ‘chondrocytes’, that produce lubricating synovial fluid, rich in glycosaminoglycans. If the fluid deteriorates and the chondrocytes don’t receive proper nourishment, painful inflammation and joint destruction can occur over time.

Chondro-Pro was developed by Medical Doctors Research® to supply the building blocks you need to nourish and maintain cartilage integrity:

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate are two components that your body uses to make the connective tissue that supports healthy joint function. You might see them in ordinary joint formulas. Unfortunately they are not enough. There are 7 important glycosaminoglycans involved in maintaining connective tissues in your body. That is why the MDR formula goes beyond the 750 mg of glucosamine in the formula, and also supplies Shark Cartilage, a source of glycosaminoglycan components already metabolized into cartilage.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a vital gycosaminoglycan that helps create the synovial fluid that adds cushion and resiliency to your joints. HA not only helps lubricate your joints, it also helps your skin retain moisture. Just one molecule of HA can hold 1000 x its weight in water. Taking HA can help plump fine lines, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles on the face. HA is one reason a baby’s skin looks so moist and smooth. You may even find that your skin looks younger after you take Chondro-Pro.

In addition to glycosaminoglycans, Chondro-Pro provides ‘Antioxidant Allies‘ to help protect your cartilage from free radical damage that contributes to unwanted inflammation, swelling and pain. You benefit from:

**Green Tea Extract

**Grape Seed Extract

**Curcumin-derived from Turmeric

**Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) -your body’ natural antioxidant enzyme defense against ‘oxidative aging”, the same process that turns iron to rust. Our SOD is derived from a long-lived melon that stays fresh longer and resists normal decay, due to its high level of this powerful antioxidant.

After taking Chondro-Pro, you may quickly find that you feel better, move easier, and have more energy. (Studies on race horses given SOD, found they moved easier, recovered faster, and had less muscle damage after racing).

Trace Elements bring Big Benefits:

MDR Chondro-Pro Healthy Joint Formula nourishes your joints with the trace element manganese essential for bone and cartilage health and production of your body’s natural SOD antioxidant enzyme.

FruitX-B® – (calcium fructoborate) is a highly bioavailable form of the trace mineral Boron naturally found in fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, agriculture grown in today’s depleted soils may be deficient in Boron and other key minerals. You need Boron for many reasons. It helps calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D to maintain strong bones. Best of all, it has been shown in clinical studies to reduce inflammation and knee discomfort in just 7 days after use!

Boron has been shown to help boost important hormones in the body, like testosterone and DHEA important for muscle synthesis.

FruitX-B® has also been found to help decrease key inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein, so it not only comforts your joints, it also helps to protect your heart. This is just one example of how nutrients that benefit one target-like the joints, may offer benefits that extend to your entire body!

Whether you take one capsule for daily prevention or three capsules daily to help stall depleting cartilage in your joints, ChondroPro can make a difference in how you feel, move, and age. By nourishing your joints with essential building blocks and protecting your cells with antioxidants, you take a step in the right direction, moving toward a pain-free future where you can continue to enjoy the activities you love.

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8 reviews for Chondro-Pro

  1. Sharon McTate, OH

    I took the bottle to my last appointment & my doctor was really impressed. She told me that I should take these on a regular schedule for the greatest benefit. Im following her advise & those little aches & pains are so much better!

  2. SC

    The pain was so bad that sometimes it would wake me up at night. After using these capsules and especially the roll-on, the pain is gone and Im back to normal. Thanks.

  3. Gloria, CT

    I take 3 pills a day, and feel just great !!! Simply wonderful !!!

  4. Nancy Drickle, CA

    My joints feel so much better. Thank you MDR

  5. PETER, FL


  6. M. Blanco

    Best joint formula ever tried. Unable to walk without it. Just a few pills makes cartilage grow again.

  7. Angel Williams

    My mom used to work for this company and back in 2005 I got in a fight and messed up my left knee. For almost a year I limped. This product was always in my mom house but I never used it. One day my mom said “I told you to get the chondro pro it’s in the cabinet”. I took the medicine out of the cabinet and took the chondro-pro home. Within about a month I was walking regular, granted I was 25 at the time and I probably needed the control pro to heal fast but it still had me walking after almost a year of limping. Fast forward to 2021 38 years old I fell and had quadricep surgery, the chondro-pro is really helping me to heal properly. I really appreciate this company and I tell everyone in the ortho office to go to the website and buy before getting knee surgery. Much love to the MDR doctors thank you for taking the time to understand human anatomy and make us good supplements to keep us strong.

  8. Sue H.

    Makes a huge difference in how I feel. I can sit, walk, and move and don’t feel stiff or have aches and pains like I used to. I noticed results in the first week. After I ran out of my first bottle, I forgot how bad I had felt before, as the aches and sore back returned. I got another bottle and within a week I was feeling better. I like the ChondroPro roll on to as it works so fast to stop pain, its amazing. I got it for my mom too and she loves it because her knee pain is better. Thanks for making this. I am a believer!

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