At this time of year, we often find friends sniffling or feeling under the weather. As we stay indoors more and are exposed to germs from others, our immune system is challenged by viruses and bacteria. We all know that a healthy diet, rest, and avoiding people who are sick, are key to staying healthy. But there is something more you can do.


For decades the Japanese have used mushrooms to strengthen patients’ immunity. Researchers have tested the ability of Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms to stimulate the immune system and discovered that they have powerful medicinal properties. These mushrooms contain natural molecules such as glucans, that directly and indirectly potentiate the secretion of cytokines, strengthening immunity.

You can enjoy Shiitake and Maitake mushrooms in your diet each day, or get these powerful immune boosters in MDR OnGuard. The formula also contains Lo Han Kuo, a Chinese fruit that supports immunity, plus bovine Colostrum full of natural antibodies and peptides that optimize immune health. Just one OnGuard morning and night can help you enjoy good health all year long.


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