Chondro-Pro Healthy Joint Duo

MDR Chondro-Pro Healthy Joint System nourishes from within, and soothes topically. Medical Doctors Research went beyond Glucosamine, with Shark Cartilage, Hyaluronic Acid, Boron and Antioxidants to nourish and protect cartilage cells. PLUS, the fast-acting topical Roll-On Relief Gel provides soothing comfort for aching joints and muscles. It’s a “one-two punch”, working inside and out for pain relief and joint health. Feel the difference!

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• Do you Suffer with Back Pain, or Stiff and Sore Joints?
• Do your Knees Ache as You Walk?

Are your joints sending you signals that years of “wear and tear” are taking their toll?

Do your knees creak with each step?

Do your hands ache when you type at your keyboard or hold your cell phone?

The unsung heroes of your body are your bones and joints. For decades they keep you moving easily, but over the years you may suffer from pain and inflammation that comes from repeated activities and the aging process itself.

The Marvel of Joints

Imagine your bones as the scaffolding which supports your entire body. But in order for your bones to move without grinding together like rusty gears, you need healthy joints!

How To Have Healthy Joints

Your joints are incredible structures that allow you to bend, stretch and flex. To do those movements, joints are cushioned with cartilage cells called ‘chondrocytes’, that use a lubricating synovial fluid, rich in glycosaminoglycans that provide proper nourishment to your LIVING CARTILAGE CELLS! That’s right! People often think of bones and cartilage as unchangeable, but instead they are live cells. Just like you depend on good nutrition, oxygen and healthy blood flow, so do your cartilage cells! Deprive them of what they need and joint destruction can occur over time.

Chondro-Pro was developed by Medical Doctors Research® to supply the building blocks cartilage cells need to nourish and maintain your joints. Each capsule “feeds” your joints with:

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate -two components that of the 7 important glycosaminoglycans involved in maintaining connective tissues in your body. That is why the MDR formula goes beyond the 750 mg of glucosamine in the formula, and also supplies Shark Cartilage, a source of other glycosaminoglycan components already metabolized into cartilage that you don’t find in most joint formulas on the market.

More Flexible Joints and Younger Looking Skin!

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a vital gycosaminoglycan that helps create the synovial fluid that adds cushion and resiliency to your joints. HA not only helps lubricate your joints, it also helps your skin retain moisture. Just one molecule of HA can hold 1000 times its weight in water.

Each capsule supplies HA that moistens your joints and you skin too. You will find it will help plump fine lines, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles on the face. HA is one reason a baby’s skin looks so moist and smooth. Don’t be surprised if your friends say you look younger after taking Chondro-Pro!.

Antioxidant Protection for Your Joints

In addition to glycosaminoglycans, Chondro-Pro provides Antioxidants to help protect your cartilage from free radical damage to help reduce inflammation, swelling and pain. Your joints benefit from:

**Green Tea Extract

**Grape Seed Extract

**Curcumin-derived from Turmeric

The “Superman of Antioxidants” Helps You Feel Better Fast

**Superoxide Dismutase (S.O.D.) -sounds like a big word, and it does a big job. This antioxidant complex provides an enzyme defense against ‘oxidative aging”, the same process that turns iron to rust. You won’t want your joints “rusting” in place, and that’s why this long-lived melon extract helps you stay flexible and mobile so you can enjoy the activities you love for years to come.

Our customers rave about Chondro-Pro, and share stories of how quickly they were able to move easier and be happier. It makes sense. When you are free of pain, you smile easier and are able to enjoy each day. In fact, when scientists decided to give S.O.D. Enzyme to racehorses that suffer from fatigue and muscle aches after races, they found the horses recovered faster, and had less muscle damage after racing.

Tiny Amounts of Trace Elements bring Big Benefits for Your Joints

MDR Chondro-Pro nourishes your joints with the trace element manganese which helps your body make its own S.O.D. antioxidant enzyme plus its essential for bone and cartilage health.

FruitX-B® – (calcium fructoborate) is a trace element we infuse in the formula for its remarkable proven benefits to joints. It helps calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D to maintain strong bones. Best of all, it has been shown in clinical studies to reduce inflammation and knee discomfort in just 7 days after use!

Boron has been shown to help boost important hormones in the body, like testosterone and DHEA important for muscle synthesis. Stronger muscles help support your bones and joints.

FruitX-B® has also been found to help decrease key inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein, so it not only comforts your joints, it also helps to protect your heart. This is just one example of how nutrients in MDR formulas that benefit one target-like the joints-offer benefits to your entire body!

Nourishing your bones and joints with cartilage building blocks and protecting your cells with antioxidants, is the smart way to put insure you are doing all you can to stay youthful, mobile and flexible.

Whether you take one capsule for daily prevention, or three capsules daily to help stall depleting cartilage in your joints, ChondroPro can make a difference in how you feel, move, and age.

Take ChondroPro and live your best life with a spring in your step and a future filled with the activities you love.

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4 reviews for Chondro-Pro Healthy Joint Duo

  1. David

    I have used these products daily for over ten years and I can say that my joints feel 100% better when I take ChondroPro. On days when I run out, the pain starts to return. Highly recommend this duo.

  2. Laura

    I find I am more flexible and able to move with ease when I take Chondropro and the Roll On gives me relief right on my lower back instantly. Great products. I bought them for my friend and she loves them too.

  3. Karen M

    The perfect pair. Thank you

  4. jason, CA

    I will never be without these products. They really work! I suffered a fall and this helps me to feel better so my back and leg pain is relieved. I take 3 capsules a day and use the Roll on several times a day. Thank you for making great products.

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