Roll-On Relief

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Don’t Suffer with Discomfort on your
*Back *Neck *Shoulders *Knees *Feet

Enjoy Fast Soothing Comfort
of Sore Joints & Muscles.

The Doctors at MDR developed Roll-On Relief for temporary relief of soreness associated with:

• Back Discomfort
• Strains & Exercise/Sports Injuries
• Stiff Muscles
• Sore Joints

MDR Roll-On Relief is specially formulated with natural ingredients like Aloe, Camphor, Eucalyptus Oil, and Peppermint. For centuries, these soothing compounds have been used to provide relief, and now MDR combines them into a fast acting delivery system.

Whether you exercise, jog, work out, or experience simple back discomfort from sitting at a desk too long, now you can enjoy warm, soothing, quick relief.

Don’t let muscle soreness or joint discomfort slow you down. Move easier. Enjoy greater flexibility and get back to your active life, with MDR Roll-On Relief.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed, or Your Money Back!
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9 reviews for Roll-On Relief

  1. Anonymous

    I am so glad that my tennis coach told me to try the ChondroPro Roll On. It beats all the ones I tried at the drugstore. This one really works. I just roll it on and instantly I feel better. I keep one with me always for my knees and elbows.

  2. Donna Wald, CA

    I gave this product to both my mother and her friend. They both raved about this and I highly recommend.

  3. Jennie DeVincentis, CA

    I used to use this when I danced competitions & continued. through the years. I love it & would never b without it.

  4. Philip Hillinger, CA

    This stuff really works!

  5. Elsie

    I keep the ChondroPro Roll on in my purse and use it often. I roll it on my legs when they ache. After I stand at work all day and then go grocery shopping. It gives me instant relief and I am able to finish my shopping get home and put the groceries away. It is a lifesaver for me. I use it all the time.

  6. Byron J., FL

    I workout a lot so I need a product that really does the job!!! This one does!!!

  7. Jennie

    I’ve used this product a long time couldn’t be with it. Used to dance competitions and used for sorneness and stiffness and now helps with knee pain and arthritis . Love it

  8. Joey, CA

    The topical roll on really helps and I can really tell the difference !
    Joey California

  9. Ann

    I shut my car door on my finger and saw “stars” with pain. I told my friend hand me the Roll-On and used it over and over to get relief. It was a miracle. I was surprised it stopped hurting. I used the Roll-On over the night and by the next morning my finger was better and the most amazing things..I GOT NO BRUISE! NO BLACK AND BLUE! My finger was great. I keep a Roll On with me in my bag all the time. When I get back or neck aches, I put it on and wow, I feel good again! I highly recommend it!

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