Active Co-Q10 Ubiquinol

CoQ-10 is the powerful antioxidant that helps the mitochondria power plants in your cells create the energy you need 24 hours a day for your heart to pump, your brain to think and your kidneys to purify and keep you healthy! MDR provides 100% of the highest quality, most active Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 from Kaneka, which offers 4 times the absorption over ordinary CoQ10. The formula also contains protective antioxidants Alpha-Lipoic Acid and d-Limonene.

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Are You Over the Age of 40? Do you take Statins?

As we age, we produce less Co-Q10, and become less able to convert this longevity molecule into its active ready-to-use form. With certain health conditions levels can decrease more.

Why Your Heart Craves Co-Q10

Think about it… 24 hours a day your heartbeat relies on a constant flow of energy created in the 5,000 mitochondria power plants found in each cell of heart muscle. If you want to support heart health, take Ubiquinol each day.

Cardiovascular Health Concerns?

Co-Q10 is most concentrated in parts of the body that need the most energy, like your brain, heart and kidneys. Co-Q10 helps convert food into energy to keep the heart efficiently pumping blood through the body and the kidneys functioning well.

Do you take Statins?

Statin drugs which are often prescribed to lower cholesterol, also lower Co-Q10 levels in the body. If you are taking Statins, you need to take Co-Q10 to replenish what you lose each day. It also helps protect against LDL (bad cholesterol) oxidative damage.

Do you want to maintain youthful vitality?

Co-Q10 has been shown to protect against oxidative stress which is related to aging and a wide range of disorders. Studies show Co-Q10 helps support MSC (mesencymal stem cells) and mitochondrial function essential for repair, renewal and energy.

More Bioavailability Means Better Absorption

Less than 1% of Co-Q10 is absorbed in the GI tract to the blood. If you don’t take foods containing fat with your Co-Q10, absorption is decreased.

Co-Q10 comes in two forms:

• #1 ubiquinol (in MDR Active Co-Q10) is ready and easier for the body to use.
• #2 ubiquinone (the oxidized form) used in many other Co-Q10 supplements, which your body must convert to the active form.

Ubiquinol used in the MDR formula donates electrons:

• Inside cells – these electrons work in the mitochondria powerhouse to help produce ATP, for energy.
• Outside cells – these electrons help to neutralize free radicals providing antioxidant protection that keeps cells healthier.

Active Co-Q10 Has Clinically Proven Superior Bioavailability

MDR selects the finest sources of ingredients using Kaneka® Co-QH-CF, as the source of Active Co-Q10 Ubiquinol.


Randomized, double-blind trial Study Proves Superior Availability

Researchers compared the oral bioavailability of a single dose of 100 mg of Active Co-Q10 Ubiquinol as a hermetically sealed softgel versus a single dose of 100 mg of standard Co-Q10 powder (in a two-piece capsule). Ten subjects, over 60 years of age, participated in this clinical trial published in the Journal of Functional Foods. Compared to Co-Q10 crystalline powder, supplementation with CoQH-CF® achieved:

• Significantly higher plasma concentrations of Co-Q10
• 4.3 times higher plasma area under the curve of reduced and total Co-Q10
• 3.3 times higher plasma area under the curve of oxidized Co-Q10<
• Faster peak blood levels of Co-Q10

Using 200x microscopic examination, scientists proved the Active Co-Q10 is totally dissolved with no remnant crystals. This superior solubility means its easier for your body to absorb and benefit from the Active Co-Q10.

You don’t expect to run your car on no fuel, so you can’t expect your cells to be functioning as well as they could with adequate levels of Coenzyme Q10. This mighty molecule is the ‘Super-Hero’ your cells depend on for energy production to keep your body’s machinery going, especially your heart, brain, and kidneys.

The older you are, the more CoQ10 can benefit you, especially if your heart function is compromised. Plus, if you take a Statin medication to lower cholesterol, remember these medications can rob CoQ10, so it just makes good sense to supplement!

Energize and protect your health with MDR Active CoQ10!

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10 reviews for Active Co-Q10 Ubiquinol

  1. PETER, FL


  2. Yolanda, AZ

    Like this product from MDR much better than others in the store.

  3. cheryl, IN

    the 100 mg is great, no need to take anymore, so easy to swallow !!!

  4. Jean Morrow, NY

    Wonderful!!! Feeling so good since I have taking this!! So happy!!

  5. Trudy S.

    Very good!!! Makes me feel so much better. Cant thank you enough!!

  6. kathleen Umpire, CO

    Ive been a vegan for 5 years and desperately needed to find a new way to get nutrients and energy. Tried this and have been using this for the last 2 years. LOVE IT

  7. robin, CT

    I desperately needed energy, so my neighbor told me to order this. Very satisfied and feel like I have much more energy!

  8. John L

    I am a heart patient and COQ10 made all the difference in my energy level! MDR COQ10 are easy to swallow and I take them along with my Fitness Tabs.

  9. Janis Green, CT

    Im a vegetarian and felt very unhealthy. My doctor said I needed Co-Q10, but I had no way of getting it since I dont eat red meat or liver. A family member recommended these, so I decided to try them out. I feel very healthy and my body just feels amazing!

  10. Anonymous

    My Doctor told me to take Co Q 10 to support my heart health and that the form offered by MDR was better than typical CoQ10 sold in stores. I believe it. I have taken it or a month and feel 100% better. I just seem to go go all day and best of all I know I am helping my heart stay healthy.

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