Colostrum Immune Factors

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Nature’s powerful immune complex from cow’s first milking hepls calves to get natural immunity. This complex can help us to stay healthy!

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Nature’s Most Powerful Immune Complex is Colostrum

Mother cows produce colostrum to transfer their strong immunity to their calves. 

  • Science has shown colostrum antibodies can improve human immunity also.
  • Colostrum immunoglobulins” (IgA) help protect the mucous membranes in the throat, lungs, and intestines.
  • Colostrum promotes beneficial bacteria to support healthy digestion. 
  • It contains Growth factors like FGF and IGF-1  that promote healing and cell regeneration. 
  • MDR Colostrum Immune Factors is derived solely from USA Dairies. The highest quality, it is Certified FREE of Artificial Hormones, Antibiotics, Pesticides, GMO, and BSE.

With the viral menaces that plague us today, don’t take a chance. Support a robust immune system. Take MDR Colostrum Immune Factors. Order today. 

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8 reviews for Colostrum Immune Factors

  1. Mary Jane, TX

    My brother had a nurse tell him about Collustrum and he passed the tip on to me as I have had allergies all my life. I am 69, have had six years of allergy shots, and taken allergy medications all my life. I have been on Colostrum Immune Factors for three months through the height of the allergy season here in South Texas. I have been spared the usual allergic broncitis this Spring! I recommend it to anyone who is tired of the vicious cycle of seasonal allergies.

  2. Mary Jane McMillan, TX

    I had been plagued with sinus infections at least twice a year. A nurse told my brother who also had these infections about this supplement & he told me. Taking this supplement I have not had a sinus infection in two years!

  3. Kristen, KY

    Love the thought fresh, pure ingredients…so good for me !!!

  4. Sandra, LA

    Love this product.

  5. Laura M.

    I used to catch colds every year but now that I take two of the colostrum a day I stay well. I would never be without them .

  6. Ann

    I used to suffer from three or four colds every year due to a low immune system. Then a doctor friend told me to try MDR colostrum. I take two every day one in the morning and one at night. I have stayed healthy for the last several years. When my other friends get sick I take an extra colostrum and I stay healthy. I recommend it to everyone

  7. John M.

    I usually take one a day for prevention but I had gone to to the store and was around more people and that nite I felt like I was about to come down with something and so I took 3 MDR colostrum over 24 hours and I was as good as new! Highly recommend this product.

  8. Carol

    With what’s going around today. you would be crazy not to take this product. I’m doing all I can to keep my immune system up and the MDR Colostrum is really helping me. I can see the difference and feel the difference and I think it makes me look younger two so I’m very happy with it . I got my sister and my friends taking it too. It’s very easy on your system. You can even take it at night or on an empty stomach. I usually take one every night before bed and sometimes another in the morning.

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