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Age-Defying Booster for Healthy Mind & Body

Professor Emeritus Roc Ordman made world news with his Vitamin C discoveries years ago. Now, after extensive research with MDR, he brings us the NEXT LEVEL VITAMIN C!

The Mito-C formula was designed to promote aging healthy, maintain the brain, and mimic the benefits of caloric restriction. It is based on the work of Professor Emeritus Roc Ordman. It is best to take Mito-C once in the morning and again at night. That keeps vitamin C protection consistent for 24 hours. Each capsule contains key nutrients such as:

Vitamin C

Based on research [1], this supports near the highest concentration of this antioxidant in your blood around the clock when taken twice a day.


Quercetin and EGCG

Eating blueberries followed by a cup of green tea were evaluated in a clinical trial designed by ProfRoc and a colleague. The key nutrients are quercetin and EGCG. Together they are able reduce protein misfolding, one of the main causes of aging and mental deterioration. Quercetin delays the degradation of EGCG [2]. This makes it possible that the product will provide the EGCG benefit of drinking multiple cups of green tea. There has been shown to be a linear relationship between cups of green tea consumed daily and health [3]. And in 2019, it has been shown that slowing the rate of protein synthesis, as EGCG does, has the same effects as dietary restriction and has numerous health benefits [11].

Alpha-lipoic Acid (ALA), Niacinamide, and N-acetyl-carnitine (NAC)

Three nutrients vital to the powerhouses of our cells, mitochondria, that diminish as we age. NAC transports fatty acids into the mitochondrion, and ALA aids their degradation to generate energy. Dr. Bruce Ames showed this combination rejuvenated old mice, restoring their energy to run on an exercise wheel and mental function to navigate and remember a maze. The third nutrient we need, as reported in Science [10], is Niacinamide, which makes NAD+. The level of NAD+ drops substantially as we age.


One of the body’s most powerful antioxidants. A major function of vitamin C is to keep glutathione in its reduced form to quench free radicals. It also provides cysteine [9].

Tyrosine (and cysteine from glutathione)

Deficiency of these amino acids and EGCG contributes to protein misfolding during transcription. Based on work with Rolf Martin [5], protein misfolding contributes to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other age-associated diseases [8].

Bioflavonoids, including Quercetin and Apigenin

These molecules inhibit CD 38, also known as cyclic ADP ribose hydrolase, a glycoprotein found on the surface of many immune cells and the main reducer of NAD+ concentration during aging [6].

Vitamin K1

Vitamin K1 is metabolized to produce K1, K2, and K3. These may have numerous health benefits such as:

• protects brain function [7]
• stronger bone mass
• supports cardiac rhythm
• supports healthy blood pressure by preventing calcium build up that contributes to heart disease

Parsley Extract

The base for this capsule has numerous health benefits [12], including being a great source of apigenin [6]

Mito-C is intended to be taken with another source of vitamin C to provide a total of 500mg twice a day, such as AM/PM Fitness Tabs from MDR, (or AREDs), it is intended to provide a supplement that is safe and proven likely to prolong your health span. It does so by slowing the rate of protein misfolding, in addition to trapping free radicals and reducing inflammation. These are 3 factors that contribute to the decline that occurs with aging.

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4 reviews for Mito-C

  1. Jerry Gustafson

    Dr. Roc Ordman has studied nutrition supplements for a lifetime and knows more of the scientific basis for assessing what various preparations can do than anyone I know.. When he says what these vitamins and supplements can be shown to do I trust him. If he thinks Mito-C can sharpen memory, I’ll give it a good long try and expect to see results.

  2. Jeff C.

    Being the scientist I am, I bought a bottle. In just 2.5 days, I have noticed a huge difference in my well being. I wanted to wait for a more significant period of time before I’m ready to share, but I am impressed with what it has done for me in just a few days. The biggest difference is in my state of mind. I will share more later.

  3. Laura L.. Florida

    I have only been taking Mito-C two weeks and I feel more alert and overall healthier. I wanted to buy a Vitamin C and when MDR told me about this superior C, with healthy aging benefits I said I would try it. Very pleased with the results. I take one with breakfast and sometimes one with lunch.

  4. Sheri Novak

    Roc really worked at putting this combo together…great job researching and making something so good for us!

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